Wants to make announcement for your business? The programmable LED sign is the best choice. You can simply download an APP on your cell phone, type the messages and send to the sign. The sign is bright enough to show clear messages during any time of the day. All accessories are included, so you can easily install on your store window. We carry three years manufacturer warranty.

LED Sign for Outdoor

We carry three types of outdoor LED signs that meets all kinds of applications. You can mount them on a wall, or on a post (posts).

Frame Sealed Signs

Color Option: Red only / Full Color P8 / Full Color P5

Height Available: 8" - 27 1/8"

Advantages: Light weight / Easy install / Low cost

Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Warranty: 3 years

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Premium outdoor signs

Color Option: Full Color P8 (pls contact us for P6)

Height Available: 38" / 50" / 63" / 75" / 88" / 100"

Advantage: Best quality outdoor sign in Canada / Big scale billboard

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

Warranty: 5 years

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attract customers

By capturing the attention of your targeted audience, LED signage could increase your sales

High brightness

Our LED has high brightness, so you can maximize the visibility of your store

24 hous display schedule

iIt is able to schedule the timer-switch and program display time, but also the contents and language is always changeble 


LED signs can serve as a great effective energy saver in the long run


Great sign! Looks fabulous. Easy to program.

Anne Marie Thornton - Amazon Customer

As advertised, works great and as a small business have seen increased customers from seeing my sign

Amazon Customer