LED Programmable TV for Store Windows (Visible at any time facing street, P5 Display Screen, Wireless Control)

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 Size Table for Standard TV Size: 

Size Width Height Area
32in 27.25in 14.50in 395.125
692mm 368mm 254,919
45in 39.75in 20.75in 824.8125
1,010mm 527mm 532,136
60in 52.25in 27.25in 1423.8125
1,327mm 692mm 918,587
73in 65.00in 33.50in 2177.5
1,651mm 851mm 1,404,836
87in 77.50in 39.75in 3080.625
1,969mm 1,010mm 1,987,496



Video of 45inch: 


Video of 60inch:

Video of 73inch:

Compare of 45inch and 60inch: