Default password: 88888888

To change the password: 
1. Connect the LED Sign with your phone
2. Open the APP on your phone
3. Go to Devices page, click Wi-Fi
4. Input password: 888
5. Caution: read the regulation notes carefully when change the name and password. Wi-Fi name has to start with certain letters, and the password has to contain letters and numbers. 

To reset the password: 
If the password no longer be the default one, and you forgot the password, you may need to reset it to continue use wireless control: 
1. Open the back cover of the sign
    * there are two types of housing frames: Depth of the sign is 3 1/2 inch or 2 inch. 
      for 3 1/2 inch type: unscrew all back cover screws, then take off the back cover
      for 2 inch type: unscrew one top screw and one bottom screw on the side that doesn't have cords coming out. 
2. Locate the control board
    there is a control board, plugged with white ribbon cables
3. Unplug the sign from power outlet
4. Hold the reset button and plug in the sign, release the button after 5 seconds
     the reset button is usually located nearby the ribbon cable plugs, rectangular shape, white color button
5.  Use your phone to check the Wi-Fi signal, starts with "HD", open signal with no password required. 
6. Use the APP to rename the Wi-Fi name and password.