1. There is no programs in the sign
2. There is a timer switch
3. The clock in the sign is different time with yours
4. One of the power supply is burnt out inside the sign

1. Use your phone or laptop to check if there is still Wi-Fi signal from the sign
2. If there is, connect with the sign and resend the program. Check device timer switch. 
3. If there isn't, open the back cover of the sign
    * there are two types of housing frames: Depth of the sign is 3 1/2 inch or 2 inch. 
      for 3 1/2 inch type: unscrew all back cover screws, then take off the back cover
      for 2 inch type: unscrew one top screw and one bottom screw on the side that doesn't have cords coming out. 
4. plug the sign, check the indicator light of the power supply, located nearby the V+ V+ V+ side. Check if there is flahsing lights on the control board. 
5. If one of the power supply is defective, please take a close picture of the power supply and send an email to with your order ID number. We will ship a new power supply to you and you can replace the power supply with the new one.