Red LED Scrolling Sign
for Window and Semi-outdoor purpose">

7 x 13"
Red LED Scrolling Sign
for Window and Semi-outdoor purpose

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  • Plug & Play, easy to use, don't need to program;
  • Pre-programmed with 20 different display modes;
  • Overload tested Mean Well power supply with UL Certificate;
  • Industrial Grade Aluminum Frame;
  • Adjustable length steel wire hanging kit
  • 1-year fully covered warranty + 1-year limited warranty on parts

Main Function Introduction:

Background-inverse Flashing, plus Multi-slides show. Recommended for any 3-4 letter words, such as OPEN / SPA / NAIL / HAIR / FOOD etc. 
Background Inverse Flashing 

Designed and manufactured by PRO-LED SIGN TECHNOLOGY in Toronto. Built with top industrial standards and top-rated components. All electrical components are UL Certified. The dynamic OPEN sign can be also used as ATM, NAIL, SPA etc., any words with three or four characters. More codes can be downloaded on